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Annual Meeting 2011

Every summer YEE celebrates its Annual Meeting. Representatives from many member organizations (MOs) gather to elect the new board members and decide on the working plan and strategies for the next year.

This year it took place in July in Prague. As EVS volunteers in YEE we had the chance to attend this meeting and learn much more about how such a big and international network works.am_blog1

We found out what are the opportunities, rights and responsibilities of MOs within YEE. We gave some ideas and suggestions for the short term strategies. We discovered and got involved in many future projects that are now included in YEE working plan. Also we met many people and found out many new things about their organizations.

Since we cannot vote or be elegible for any board position, we were asked to chair the Annual Meeting, so we were in charge of opening and closing all sessions, we conducted the elections and we were time keepers.

It was a great chance to get to know more about the organization we are working in and to realise that many young people are involved in it and willing to work hard for the protection and promotion of environment.

Mercedes and Mathieu