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YEE day

YEE day took place in September 2011 for the first time. As 2011 is the International Year of Forest, it was organised in the frame of YEE´s Forest Campaign.

yee_day_1YEE office team together with the member organization Hnuti Brontosaurus and many other friends decided to gather for this special ocassion and clean an area in the forest of Dobříš, a town 50 km south-west from Prague. We started cleaning early in the morning and all together we did a great job. We cleaned up an illegal dumping ground and filled up a whole truck with the bags full of the garbage we picked up. It was very satisfying to see how much work can be done when you bring together many hands and good spirit.

On the afternoon, after a deserved lunch, we created and played some games in the forest. Thanks to these games we could experience and feel the forest in a very different way and with completely "new eyes"...

Before it got dark, we started walking through the forest and still stopped here and there when new games came up to our minds. We arrived to an impressive observation tower made of stone, where we spent the night. Next day we walked to the train station and went back home.

yee_day_2As YEE EVS volunteers, we were involved in the organisation of this event. We met regularly with Hnuti Brontosaurs and together we planned the agenda. We designed the promotional posters and we prepared some name games and ice-breaking games in order to energise and create a nice atmosphere within the group of participants.

From YEE office we tried to encourage all our member organisations to make YEE day in their own countries. We designed the informative leaflets with a collection of ideas and tips and we handed out in the Annual Meeting.

Although YEE day was not a long international project but a one-day local action, it made us put all our skills into practise.
Mercedes and Mathieu