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EVS Market

YEE was invited among few other Czech organisations to present our EVS project at the EVS market.

evsmarket_1Within the European Year of Volunteering, Czech National Agency of Youth in Action organised an action called "European Volunteering Tour" in Prague in November. The main goal of this market of sending and hosting organisations was obviously promotion of volunteering.

YEE team had the opportunity to present our activities, especially those that EVS volunteers are involved in.

The organisers announced that there are no limits for creativity and that is why we tried to make many interactive activities. We made wallets from recycled materials, monitoring of the quality of water, YEE quiz and collage from pieces of autumn nature. We distributed our publications and information materials. Volunteers prepared pictures with descriptions of activities they joined and organised during their project.

evsmarket_2Although there were not so many people from the public, our activities attracted the attention and encouraged people to know more about YEE. We also exchanged experience with other organisations involved in EVS. For YEE team it was a nice occasion to present our activities in creative way.

It was also an opportunity for EVS volunteers to meet each other and have activities together. A motion workshop, led by a volunteer from a theatre company, introduced some other volunteers to physical theatre. A big quiz about Europe, organised in the main hall, allowed us to discover some interesting facts about Europe and go back home with some small gifts.

It was a pleasant and interesting day. We gained some experience that hopefully will be useful for future similar events.

Mercedes and Mathieu