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Annual Meeting 2012

It is time to bring back EVS blog! And we will begin with telling you about Annual Meeting 2012.

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As you probably know, every year YEE organises Annual Meeting for its member organisations when representatives from various European NGOs come together and discuss the past, present and future of YEE.

The AM 2012 was organised in ecological centre "Paleta" in a small but lovely village Oucmanice.

This year (as every year) it was very intensive because the General Assembly had just several days to discuss YEE short and long-term strategies, clear last year's Board and select new Board members, accept new members to YEE network and cancel some old ones, decide on next year working plan, present their future projects and in the evenings party of course!

Cameron was selected to chair the Annual Meeting and so he had a very responsible and important job of opening and closing the sessions, conducting elections and keeping people focused and energised till dinner.  I have to admit, he turned out to be a very good Chair (check the picture).153 AM12 full
Now he is on a well deserved holiday somewhere in Poland, most probably juggling.

We also had a chance to present our small office team with a special YEE song (check it here) and of course meet a lot of interesting, inspiring and very different people from all around Europe.

On Saturday there was very interesting presentation about the history of IYF, the organisation responsible for the foundation of YEE in 1983. It was very nice to learn more about the history of both organisations and listen to stories about young people trying to connect and change something in the world back in times where there was no modern technology.

Stay tuned :)