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Midterm 2013

We are already halfway through our EVS project and it was time for our midterm, in a town called Tynec only 30km from Prague.

This time we had the opportunity in this meeting to reflect on our projects and what we have learnt in order to plan our futures wisely.

MidtermWe were more relaxed without the stress of cultural shock and new lifestyles. Another on-arrival group joined our midterm so we met new EVS volunteers and trainers. It was great because we could experience again the feeling of meeting new people and sharing new ideas.

I really needed to stop my routine and reflect upon what I need to improve my work and develop my mini-project, alongside what I want to learn during the next 6 months and how to focus on it.

Not everything was reflection however, we could also enjoy bonfires, Celtic concerts and extreme traditional Czech sports like mushroom picking – a future discipline in the Olympic Games!!

Autumn was coming and the forest was a mix of colours, like the colours of new ideas that I took for my urban gardening project.