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Jesus' personal project

Environmental problems are a global issue but there is a way to act local and impact in a global way.

The Food, our closest link to the nature, has a big environmental impact. Producing all our own food is very difficult, but we can start with smaller goals such as having a small garden. However most of us live in cities and we think we are not able to have one.

Urban gardening is a great new concept which brings agriculture to our cities. Growing some of your own food raises the awareness about what and how we eat, avoiding low quality veggies from big markets. It is also a learning experience and a nice hobby.

We are what we eat and by eating better we provide those vitamins to our bodies which improve our health. Can you imagine eating a tomato in the morning just picked from the plant? Spicing your salad with your own oregano, basil, thyme, etc? How proud could you be talking with your friends while you eat some of your veggies?


That is why I decided to do my EVS mini project about this topic. Prague is an European city like many others - full of flats with balconies. Small places can be challenging for agriculture but not impossible. Those suburbs of huge panel flats have some strengths and I want to show them to the Prague inhabitants with some workshops, tips and methods to start your small garden in the balcony or window sill.

The workshops will begin next spring, the perfect moment to plan our garden for the summer.