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Kateřina in Denmark

Katerina 3Some children have very clear ideas about what they want to do as adults and they just "simply" follow their dreams. I on the contrary have always been searching for the fitting vocation, following a path as long as it made sense, learning as much as I could and then changing the direction. Or the place. I have enjoyed traveling, but what I really fell in love with was living in foreign countries. I started while I was still studying at university and since then I just could not stop.

So, when I learned about EVS, I immediately decided to take the chance and join it. But it took another 2 years to carry out this idea. Finally, in August 2014 I moved to a small village in Denmark and joined a community called Hertha, a project of inverse inclusion, where common people live close to mentally handicapped ones. And I cannot stress enough, that it was definitely worth waiting for. It is simply as close to paradise as one can get, combining all the benefits of living in the countryside with the advantages of sharing so much as a community.

There are around 20 mentally handicapped adults living in Hertha and soon more will move in, as a new house is just being finished. And more than 10 others are coming every day to join our workshops. It is their open-heartedness and spontaneity which makes most of the magic. Because who can be unhappy, when every day starts with a song, smile, handshake and hug, when one meets so many people, who are not afraid to show their joy of seeing others?

Katerina 2

Hertha is based on Rudolf Steiner's teachings, but no one is preaching about the theory, it is more about living the principles. There are about 120 residents, some of them work here as well, some have jobs elsewhere, but everyone is involved to some degree. We are running 6 workshops on every weekday, organic bakery, biodynamic garden, creamery, stables for cows, weavary, laundry and kitchen. Apart from that there are common dinners, where usually circa 60 people show up, lectures, concerts, trips, rituals, drama, yoga classes... so there is literally no time to be bored.

At the time, we are four volunteers here. Our main task is to help run the workshops (as I love cooking, it was easily decided that I shall be in the bakery), but also to drive the externers, join meals and help with cleaning. Not to forget going to language school to learn more Danish.

Katerina 1I am really happy I've got this opportunity to get to know this amazing place, where I can learn so much and enjoy it. It is only a pitty, that the time is flying by so fast. But on the other hand, it is a good sign, that everything is going well.

Kateřina Polívková