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2004, 6 months


Now it's almost over: six months as European volunteer in YEE.
Time runs so fast and I have to return to Germany in the end of August with lots of new impressions in my pocket. So, what have I done here?
Most of the time I was busy with the newsletters and the magazine about Sustainable tourism. I started to create a picture archive for YEE that can be used for YEE publications, so we don't have any problems with copyrights then. When Max, the previous EVS, left I also got into the magic of web page updating. It caused me some problems and lots of SOS emailsto Max, but nevertheless it's a very important tool to present YEE and it's work. As I felt a little bit lost in the beginning of my work I started to search for cooperation with other environmental groups or projects, especially here in Prague. Sitting in the offi ce all day sometimes causes tired legs and heads. I needed some action! In July I organized togetherwith another volunteer a body painted bike ride through Prague.
Actions for an active girl.
As there were the people from the Ecotopia bike tour in Prague, we had a nice colorful, and thanks to my portable soundsystem, a funky bike ride all along the most common tourist sights in Prague. I think welooked really nice.
Furthermore I participated in the Towards Cities Conference that took place in Berlin in July. It was organized by the worldcarfreenetwork that is alsobased in Prague.
And what about Ceska Republika?
Well, as you can maybe imagine the language is hardcore. Seven cases,the pronunciation, .... Although I am not able to have a deep philosophical conversation in Czech, I really like this language. Especially these nice words like „kafi cko" (from kavu=coffee) or „cauki" (for cau=hallo).
Traveling around in this country is very good to discover Czech culture and landscape, it's such a nice country. If you have the chance to get here, don't stay in Prague all the time, go, see some of the non-Prague side of Czech Republic! ... and there's a lot. I'm really happy that I meet so many nice, interesting people here. Mostlythey were from foreign countries, cause it was quite hard to get intouch with Czech people. I had a nice time here but nevertheless I'm really looking forward to do something else, to go to university and not to work on the computer for some hours per day. Last but not least: thanks to all the people here, especially Peter, Martina, language teacher Martina, language teacher Lenka, "Pierrouschko", YEE board and all the people and animals in Toulcuv Dvur.

Jalla, Jalla