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2006/2007, 12 months

When you are EVS at Yee, I think, you should be aware that you will network. The computer and its connexion to internet will be your best friends.  Personally, I suffered often to have to stay in the office. Fortunately, the farm of Toulcuv Dvur and the welcoming staff is always very happy to give to you some physical or outdoor work.

This is not EVS in Yee, but this belongs to the opportunities you can get. It is not so easy, but an EVS is a lot about "what you do of it". In Yee, you should:

- be concerned by the environment
- like the contact with others, especially with other cultures
- have nothing against the team work, and the office work.

Writing articles, searching for info, putting in page, writing projects, mails, are some of yourt asks, but you come with your personality and targets, it's up to you to add or to focus on what you want.

For me, the best two volunteers would be very different. One that has already a lot of experience and action, who's mature and almost pro. One who would be the opposite. Both would be motivated and open minded, useless to mention!

The vision we have of Europebecomes more (or less) concrete when we become EVS, I think in YEE, it's ten times more. Variety has to be respected (don't we go for biodiversity?!) and used like an asset.