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gosiaGosia Zubowicz


2008/2009, 12 months

I started my EVS project with the Annual Meeting (AM) 2008 in Romania (the best way to learn what is going on in YEE). I finished my EVS project with preparing workshops for the AM 2009 in Spain and I couldn't believe that between two annual meetings is obviously one year distance. During this time I never had time to stop - I was responsible for 3 magazines, 2 newsletters, many grants, projects, activities, website and the Youth Exchange ‘Learning from each other'. I took a lot from one year in YEE, I also hope I gave a lot.I tried to be useful and YEE started to be really important for me -the organization where you feel needed and you are doing things that for me make sense. I think the EVS project in YEE is perfect for people with initiative, who want to learn a lot and constantly ask questions. I managed to deal with all the tasks that I felt ready for, for instance I had the chance to make few publications, learn how to use the graphic program, decide about the design of the publications, give propositions for activities and help to organize them, write grants, organize the youth exchange - and this is what I would like to continue to do during the next years.Although some people from the office called me workaholic, I was really not tired of YEE and I wanted to continue to help in YEE (and that's why I stayed). There are many cozy things connected with my EVS project - nice atmosphere, stupid jokes, communal lunches, the cat Knedlik on my lap, sneezing because of the dust, ice coffee...I didn't say goodbye to YEE, it would be too hard just to disappear after such a promising adventure. I hope future EVSes will enjoy the work in YEE as much as I did!

Gosia Zubowicz works in YEE as EVS, Projects and Publications Coordinator - you can contact her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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World Water Monitoring Day TC 'Teamwork and communication' World Water Monitoring Day
Gosia_EVS_4 Gosia_EVS_6 Gosia_EVS
TC 'Teamwork and communication' Workshop on nature art TC on environmental education, Finland