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francesco_weboageFrancesco Ballone


2010, 6 months


My EVS project in YEE was interesting and challenging, it was fun and exciting, it was a big learning experience. The office team is great, they are as flexible as they are reliable, and the atmosphere is really friendly. As for the project, it is structured in a way that allows the volunteer to adapt the activities to his/her interests and skills. This is good, because people with different backgrounds can help the organization in different ways. You work in a team all the time, but you have space for your personal work. Besides, you can be involved in many activities ran by YEE inside and outside the Czech Republic, travel and meet a lot of interesting people. Last but not least, they choose very good Czech teachers. Staying in Toulcuv Dvur can be "strange" in the beginning, for people who are more used to the average "urban" context (just like I was)... but you will LOVE it after a short time. In the same way, people looking for a full immersion in nature can be surprised when they find out that all the work is carried out in the office, in front of the computer... but sorry, there is no other way to manage an international network! :) Anyway, when you're tired of sitting in front of the computer, you can always go for a walk in Toulcak or give a hand in the farm: you will be welcome. Hmmm... I think that's all. Wait, did I mention that Prague is one of the best cities in Europe? :)

YEE thanks Francesco for:

fran1 fran3 fran2
Enjoying nature
With YEE team
Promoting YEE
fran6 fran4 fran5
NGO market
Picture for water exhibition
Networking during Annual Meeting