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merofficeMercedes Fioravanti


2011/2012, 12 months

Although I have been always very interested and concerned about ecological issues, this was the first time I got involved in such a way in an environmental organisation. For as long as I can remember I had the need to be close to nature and do something useful for it, and that is why I decided to become an EVS volunteer in an environmental organisation. I chose YEE (and luckily they chose me!) because it offered me the possibility to learn about environment in many different ways. I worked not only in the office, learning how to manage events and activities and how to use many computer programs, but also organising and participating in many projects in Prague and outside the city. I had the chance too to take part in many workshops and folk celebrations in the eco-center where the office is placed, which is great when you want to get involved in the community. Last but not least, YEE gave me freedom to help wherever I thought I could be helpfull and I also had enough space to develop my own projects.

That is the case of my EVS mini-project, which happened to be not so „mini". Thanks to the knowledge about environment and the organisational skills I acquired during my time in YEE together with the inspiration I got from other activities that take place in the Czech Republic, I decided to start a Youth Initiative in Spain. The project will consist in the introduction of volunteering weekends in NGOs in my local region.

I took part in the following projects, events and activities:

Youth Exchange 'Learning From Each Other'

Evaluation Meeting 'Environmental Audit'


YEE Annual Meeting 2011

NGO Market in Prague

Day of the Earth in Toulcuv Dvur

Juggling Workshop in Semínko Kindergarten

Volunteering Weekend in Toulcuv Dvur

Volunteering Weekends with Hnuti Brontosaurus

Traditional Masopust in Toulcuv Dvur

'Building with Hemp' Workshop with Konopa