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Cameron profileCameron Murphy


2012/2013, 12 months


It was some time during the summer of 2011 that I decided I wanted to join up with the EVS program. My first step was to contact my national sending agency to get more information. A gentlemen by the name of Tom Ryder at VSI (Volunteer Service Ireland) replied to me very quickly and was extremely helpful in guiding me through the first steps of my application. I was blown away by the scope and range of opportunity offered by the EVS and I spent the next few months looking for the perfect hosting organisation to apply to. The most important factor in my decision to join YEE was that they had a proven track record in the field of environmental education and as a bonus they also seemed like very nice people. From their website I could also tell that they are stone cold professionals, partaking in many different projects all of which aim to increase young peoples understanding, respect or knowledge of nature.

So I applied to YEE and long story short I was lucky enough to be accepted as their EVS volunteer. I had a few more meetings and cups of tea with Tom to sort out my insurance and activity agreement in the depths of a very harsh Irish winter. I put my head down and finished up my full time job of 6 years and next thing I knew it was go time.

I spent a beautiful 12 months in Prague, living on an Eco-Farm, Volunteering for an NGO which does great work for the world, while I learned Czech. I met so many new people and upon reflection I definitely made the right decision when joining the EVS!

So far I have taken part in the following activities and projects:

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