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River Jump unites young people from three countries

riverjump1Young People aged between 16 and 26, coming from Czech Republic (Hnuti Brontosaurus), Slovakia (UV o.z.) and Austria (Au atmen), share experiences and ideas on environmental topics and create more of them just in this process. How do we call it? River Jump! is the answer. The young platform brings both ideas and action – three Clean Ups in April 2014. There are more voluntary and educative events coming.

The project River Jump! on environmental problems and their possible solutions already takes place for the second time. Last year, River Jump! took place in Hohenau an der March in Austria, a location very near to the Morava dye. This time, the connection to the beautiful floodplains will be given as well, but the event will be located in the Czech Republic.


From July the 3rd to July the 7th people from the three countries mentioned above will be travelling to Lanzhot, Czech Republic, to have a great time together. They will learn about the environment and get a deeper connection to nature. But not only will they learn about the problems our Planet has to deal with, they will also get to know many possibilities of improving our current situation.Riverjump2

One of the main purposes of River Jump! is thus to help youngsters to get active and to make a difference, if only a small one. To reach this goal, there will be many workshops and information tables giving an insight on the process of planning a project and the possibilities to get active.

Furthermore, workshops on photography, theatre, cycling and many more will be taking place at the event. Besides these workshops, which are planned in a fixed time schedule, there will be many spare time activities to get creative and to get to know the other participants. So, the range of possible activities will be really great.

River Jump! is thus an event for youngsters who want to contribute to the well being of our planet and have fun all the same. Plus, River Jump has to offer new experiences as well as a bunch of new friends.

Got interested? Visit for further information.

River Jump is supported by EU in Youth in Action program.

Annabel Gschwandtner & River Jump team