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Visit to the Ecological Center of Environmental Education “EDEN” in Tirana

article EDEN 1

5 June 2014 marks the International Environment Day since 1973. This day was celebrated in EDEN Center by reopening the Ecological Center of Environmental Education "EDEN" near the Zoo Park in Tirana. The centre was built for the first time in the years 2007-2008 with the financial support of the American Embassy in Tirana and the ProCredit Bank. Because of the construction of "Tirana Outer Ring Road" of Tirana in 2011, this center was disassembled. It was revived thanks to the financial support of GEF (Global Environment Facility) Albania.

In this little house, lighting and water warming are realised thanks to solar panels; water supply is arranged from the collection of rain water, which ends up in a deposit; a septic hole was built, which is connected to the sanitation system and a lot other ecological ideas are processed for the future.

article EDEN 2Its main objective is the development of environmental education for the public and private educational institutions in Albania, as well as for the visitors of the Tirana Zoo. It is also a starting point for the realisation of the Summer School. This objective will be achieved by using educational didactic materials through different environmental methodologies, such as: open classes in the nature, workshops, and games.

The Ecological Center of Environmental Education "EDEN" is open from Monday till Friday and welcomes little visitors to be as much as possible near to the nature.

Jonida Mamaj - Hafizi
EDEN Center