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OPE - full member of YEE network

OPE nsl oct 1In August, during the Annual Meeting of YEE which took place in Latvia, OPE (Portugal) changed their membership status from the associate member to the full member of the network.

The Ecoclubes had their National Meeting between the 28th of August and the 1st of September in Braga. The organisers were two local ecoclubes, from their network - EcoMoinhos and EcoVeiga - with a strong support of public institutions, parish, city council and diverse local entities, and once again, it was a moment of learning, fun and sharing.

OPE nsl oct 2This national meeting, similarly to the YEE Annual Meeting, is the time of the year when a lot of ecoclubists see each other again, promote the activities that they have been doing, think for new ones, get friendships stronger, share experiences and above all, consolidate the sense of belonging to a group of people working to develop something positive in society. We use to call it network!

This year, becoming a full member means that OPE also gave that consolidation step towards that feeling of belonging to that big network called YEE. This step also means more responsibility to OPE, but we hope that it brings many opportunities to all of the members for the construction of the European network.

OPE Portugal