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News from association “BALTA DABA”

balta daba nsl oct 1Our member organisation BALTA DABA is sharing the news about the projects and events they have been working on in September and upcoming events for October.

During September we continued our local initiative project in Valmiera, conducting a joint work to gather trash along riverside of the river Gauja. We've already done this last spring (5 months earlier) and we came back to the same shore. We managed to gather a lot of trash along riverside and realised that people are still not environmentally-friendly and during the summer, they have left a lot of trash. We did this in cooperation with Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences students and our members. Afterwards we tried to raise awareness through media and social media.

In September we also worked hard to receive EVS accreditation for association BALTA DABA. And recently, we got it! So from now on, you are welcome to apply for EVS in our association in beautiful Latvia! We are also a sending organisation, so if you happen to have an urgent need for an EVS volunteer from Latvia, contact us!

The most recent activity we had was an environmental hike for 44,6 km through Gauja's National park. With an environmental guide (who works in environmental education center in National park), we didn't only hike, but also learned and explored nature in wilderness! The participants were our members and also university students.

balta daba nsl oct 2

In the middle of October, our association will conduct a joint work in the middle of Vidzeme region, also in the river Gauja. Theme for this one – reestablishing rapid torrents in the beginning of the river. Because of the small hydroelectric stations and natural pollution (fallen trees, etc.) river has been changed and does not flow as good as it is supposed to. So, with the help of river experts, we will reestablish torrents by putting large stones in the river, therefore giving river more oxygen, making torrent more rapid and also helping flora and fauna of the river!

Next, we will organise a film evening with debate. The form of the evening is – everybody watches a film and after that university's Debate club conducts a debate on the topic concerned with the film. In October, we will screen a short film which our friends from Hnuti Brontosaurus showed us during the TC "Follow-up and impact in international projects" - a Slovak Documentary Film "Climate Change Causes and Countermeasures".

At the end of October we will organise a photography workshop for local environmentalists and photography enthusiasts. Environmental photography expert will conduct a seminar for us (we already had one in the spring, to learn how to make better pictures) to learn post-production of environmental pictures we took. We have also planned a small hike around the riverside to take some new pictures, if weather is fine.

There will be events later this year, we will be happy to share info with you!

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Environmental youth association "BALTA DABA"