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Get informed + Get involved = Aarhus New Belgrade in Serbia

IMG 20151127 111431miniWe are very pround to share that in November, under YRS, we launched the 5th Aarhus Center in Serbia and 60th in the world. This project was supported by Serbian Government and OSCE. The memorandum with the Serbian Government was officially signed and we held three trainings for future activists of new AarhusCenter New Belgrade.

Our idea is to engage young people (students of law, environmental protection, etc) in implementation of Aarhus Convention in Belgrade. Tijana Ljubenovic is a coordinator of the center.

Our desire for establishing Arhus Center in the capital city of Serbia dates from many years ago, since public awareness and interest of environmental plakat-B2miniissues
and environmental rights are very low. We plan to promote three pillars of Aarhus Convenction: access to environmental information, public participation in environmenatal decision making, and access to justice. Showing the accessibility of information and the importance of getting involved we hope that we will raise citizens' awarenes and bring our environment on more protected level. Also, one of our main role would be to link government, civil society and the private sector.

Onwords, environmental issues are best handled with participation of citizens, isn't it?