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The importance of Albania's EDEN center

EDEN second articleThe environmental education center 'EDEN' was established near the Zoo of Tirana on 22 April 2008. Since that day, this center continues to educate next generations to love and respect the environment that surrounds us. This center is open for students from different elementary schools or youth groups, but not only. All the visitors of this center have the opportunity to access information about different environmental activities or related events, contacts and information on how to give their contribution. In this center, besides the theoretical information available at its library, young people have the opportunity to explore the environment around the zoo. Different educative games, activities and informative guides about the animals and nature are offered by this center.

It must be emphasized also the fact that in the last years, there is a lack of investment and donations to the EDEN center, as well as to the zoo, which directly affected the intensity of visitors. Financing is always needed in order to enrich the center's library, or other teaching materials which can be used by children who visit the center. EDEN center has always had sustainability in the center of its attention, and thus it strives to emphasize these values to the youth.

This effort is not only for the fact that the building of this center is an example of a completely environmentally-friendly building, for example its energy is gained by solar panels, but also because it is connected directly to raising awareness and education of future generations about the environment.

EDEN second article2With this informative article, the environmental educational center EDEN takes the opportunity to express its willingness in future possible collaborations and initiatives with international nongovernmental bodies that can help the center's improvement and focus on further development of environmental education among youth such as: projects, donations and campaign.

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