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Open lessons for COP21 in Albania

EDEN first article2EDEN center, together with center "Ekolevizja", in Tirana, Albania, in the framework of the project "South East Europe Sustainable Energy Policies (SEE SEP)", has organised on 10th December 2015 an open lecture with the students of the Faculty of Civic Engineering under the topic "Beyond COP21". The meeting was organised one day before the ending of the COP21 meeting in Paris.

The aim of the meeting was to stimulate public debate on climate change, energy efficiency policies and behaviors, as a response to the national commitments for COP21.

The welcoming speeches were held by Mr. Gëzim Hasko, Dean of the Faculty of Civic Engineering. "Our faculty evaluates the effort of civil society organisations for the involvement of students and for enriching their work with technical support, because the student of our faculty has the right knowledge to be involved in these types of activities and to give an important contribution. He expressed the willingness for collaboration and support of the Faculty in the next activities" says Mr. Hasko.

Afterwards, Mr. Bas Berends, Environment Advisor in UN Country Team Albania stressed "Climate change is a reality and an actual problem that we have to face and to take the rights measures. Energy efficiency is one of the measure that need to be undertaken not only from Albania but countries that has to fulfil the commitments presented for the COP21 meeting".

Ms. Merita Mansaku, Program Manager, GIZ "Another aspect of climate change is adaptation that we need to work a lot for it. Due to climate change we have floods, drought and rises in temperatures. In Albania, in few years, there were two strong floods in south and north of the country".

EDEN first articleThe open lecture continued with the presentation of Albania's position related to other countries regarding greenhouse gases emission, and its commitment by 2030. The students were presented with an energy video game named "My 2050 Roadmap" that can be furthermore shared to general public, energy experts etc. It is knowledge to understand and to develop the way of perceiving the possibilities of reducing GHG (greenhouse gases) towards reaching the EU target of 2050, and in accordance with the engagement of our country based on the COP21 agreement. "My 2050 Roadmap" is an energy tool developed for seven countries: Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. It offers energy scenarios for each country and also regional scenarios.

This event will be one of the many events that EDEN center and Ekolevizja will organise on national level, to promote the ways of GHG reductions, behaviors changes on how we consume and produce energy, how to change technology in transport or industry etc. We believe that this event and the educational tool was a help for the students, their understanding of COP and the role that each citizen has to be take in the reduction of GHG.

EDEN center and Ekolevizja want to express their gratitude to the Faculty for their help and for hosting us in their premises.


Play the game "My 2050 Roadmap"
Photos from the activity