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Belgrade would be white if you ride a bike

belgrad1If you ask 9-year- olds what is missing in Belgrade for more frequent bike use, one of the answers would be "the hill". If you ask them what they like the most about bike riding, they would say: "the wind passing though my hair", "the fact that I'm riding", "being faster than my daddy"..... These honest answers show that bikes are very welcomed as a means of transport in Belgrade but unfortunately not used enough!

During November and December in 2015, Young Researchers of Serbia conducted a project "Belgrade would be white if you ride a bike". This project involved 520 pupils, ages 9 and 10, from 10 primary schools located in two city municipalities.

The workshops were divided into three parts: First part was filling the questionnaire in order to gain insight into pupils thinking about the bike as a means of transport, do they acctually use it and how often. Second part included a presentation of global warming, pollution, crowds and noise problems, with a focus on bicycle transportation as a way to alleviate this problem. In the end, we gave them postcards on which they could write a note connected to the topic, as well as the addresses so that our activists could send it.

The project was implemented in order to inform children in schools better about the problems related to the transport and encourage them to become involved in its solving.

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