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Murter Eco-Patrol - New project of Argonauta

Murter Eco-Patrol2YEE's Croatian member organisation Argonauta has started with new spring activities called "Murter Eco-patrol". Eco-patrol activities are a part of "Kornati – važno je o moru znati" project. The main theme of the project is education about marine environment. Eco-patrol engages 20 children age 10-14 from local primary school "Murterski škoji".

Murter Eco-patrol offers to the children an opportunity to patrol their island, record and then warn public and institutions about the environmental problems they encounter. The aim is to motivate participants to be active and pay attention to pollution on Murter Island. The activities on Saturday mornings are diverse – children explore and map illegal trash dumps on the island, take part in beach cleaning activities, follow the state of the marine environment, take part in treasure hunts, make a sea herbarium and get a chance to join scientists in tracking dolphins and sea turtles.

The recruiting process started this winter with the implementation team preparing motivational presentation and presenting it in all grades of local primary school. The students showed great interest in becoming members of the Murter eco-patrol. There was a three times more applications than placements they could fill! It is no wonder because all of the activities are outdoor and the leaders mainly use the non-formal methods of learning. This means that the children learn in funny and interactive way while spending their time in nature.

The leaders of Eco patrol activities are Vice Krnčević and EVS volunteers; Malgorzata Serwatka from Poland and Sergio Campins from Spain. The program is supported by an expert in the field Ph.D. Bruna Petani, marine biologist.

Malgorzata Serwatka says:

"For me Murter Eco-patrol project is a great opportunity to use my knowledge about environment. My name is Gosia and I am marine biologist from Poland. My main task is create and organize outdoor activities for children. I learn how to use non-formal educational methods. Being a part of this project is a challenge, because of the language barrier. My knowledge of Croatian is not enough to speak with children, although work with them is fantastic. Our group is really interested in participating in the project. The children are very open and creative. I am glad to teach them how they can protect nature on the island."

Sergio Campins says:

"I am Sergio from Spain. Last year I finished my studies about Environmental Science and felt it was the time for doing something useful and important for the society and the environment. I've always thought education is the best means to raise awareness about environmental protection. Udruga Argonauta and EVS gave me the opportunity to try it in p practice. We easily communicate with the children and Argonauta Team in English despite a language barrier. I am learning from the others and doing my bit for this big project."

A long term goal would be transformation of "Murterska eko-patrola" in an out-of-school activity carried out continuously throughout the academic year. The children involved in this project will build a positive attitude towards nature and the environment and meet the functioning of ecosystems. Thus, they will become active citizens in efforts to solve environmental problems in Murter area.

If you want to read more about each activity, visit Argonauta website.

The project is funded by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and co-founded by the Erasmus + program of EU.

Team of Murter Eco-Patrol

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