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"Grey Pride": the new wolf-protection video from Luonto-Liitto (Finland)

Grey pride eng websiteAccording to the Habitats Directive of the EU the Finnish Grey Wolf is an endangered species.

At present, the number of wolves in Finland is estimated to be less than 250, an extremely low number. Meanwhile, since August 2015 Finnish government and police authorities have approved the killing of 30% of the wolf population in an attempt to manage stocks and curb poaching.

Finland´s rural residents have a deep-rooted fear of wolves and frequently express concern for the safety of their dogs and livestock. While some people claim their children are in danger, there has not been a single reported attack by wolves on humans in Europe in the past two decades and the last reported attack in Finland was in 1891.

Even though Finland promotes itself as a destination for nature-based tourism and lovers of the great outdoors, wolves are ruthlessly being hunted down and killed.

Finland should celebrate the presence of these remarkable predators and encourage responsible ecotourism in the areas where they live.

This is how you can help:

  • Watch our new video on Youtube: "Grey Pride (Howling for Justice)"

  • Write to the European Union's Commissioner for Environmental Affairs:  Mr. Karmenu Vella: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Express your concern about the Finnish government authorizing the killing of wolves. Ask them to stop this cruel and needless attack on the nation's wildlife: Justice for Wolves!