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Argonauta's youth exchange "I am READY"

Argonauta2nI am READY was a youth exchange that was implemented in Murter, Croatia in the period from 14th to 23rd May 2016.
It gathered 42 participants, young unemployed people from 6 countries who were interested in development of creative skills as a door to their future employment. Youngsters from Croatia, Macedonia, Portugal, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria joined their creative minds and took part in creative workshops about dancing - latin dances, art workshops, jewellery making workshops, photography workshops, broadened their knowledge in the area of how to create a good CV, how to write a good motivation letter, how to act on a job interview.

They learned on what is needed to start a small start-up business, listened to successful stories and our professional team encouraged them to use the full creative potential during the creative workshops in an area where they have interest and talents.

The last day the participants presented to the local community what was the results from the creative workshops. They organized a local fair and they sold handmade jewellery, paintings, photographs ... The dancing team encouraged locals from Murter to check out the fair. Their choreography was a combination of latin and standard ballroom dancing and hip-hop and attracted many youngsters from Murter. With the money earned on the local fair, we bought 3 educational books for Elementary school "Murterski škoji".

For more information check out the project's page on: https://www.facebook/I AM READY

Video of the project: 

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