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New collaborators join #GREYPRIDE

Luontoliitto Susikampanja Some1 NLuonto-Liitto's #GREYPRIDE, the international campaign for saving the wolves of Finland, has been joined by new collaborators.

The advertising agency ADAMS has jumped on board with the #GREYPRIDE International Campaign and they have designed a series of posters and promotional videos to raise awareness of the critical situation with the Finnish grey wolf. The aim is to get people to write to the European Minister of the Environment Mr. Karmenu Vella and ask him to stop the cull and implement a non-lethal conservation approach for the Finnish wolves that is based on science and not on politics.

GreyPride Ljuba N

The street artist Nora Helsinki has just designed a new limited edition T-shirt to help fundraise for the #GREYPRIDE International Campaign, featuring a she-wolf character named "Ljuba", which means love in Slavic languages (photo on the right). The T-shirts will be sold online and also at particular events throughout this summer 2016.

The Finnish music group Dark Country is launching this week a new single and video that supports our campaign to ban wolf hunting in Finland. They are having an all media launch party this Thursday where they will also give a talk about the critical situation for the Finnish grey wolf and what we can do to reverse this. Dark Country´s new video can be found on Youtube and below.

Luonto-Liitton Susiryhmä also joined forces with a sheep farmer in the north of Finland to install a protective fence in order to keep her livestock safe from the wolves in the area. They had had some wolf attacks and decided to protect themselves without resorting to killing the local wildlife, they chose to co-exist. Our micro-documentary is on Youtube and below. 

Dark Country´s new video:

Documentary on cooexistence between farmers and wolfs in Finland: