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Understanding and raising awareness among the community to reduce the use of plastic bags, by EDEN

Untitled design"Be the change you want to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi


All this started as a joined collaboration between the World Academy of Tirana and Eden Center.  WAT is the only international school in Albania, recognized for its wonderful balance of learning through discovery, with academic rigor introduced gradually at the right age and stage. As a school they are hoping to build a culture of community services that involves students in activities/projects through understanding and contributing through their direct actions.

One of the most important topics addressed by this program is the Environment.  Years of engagement in the environmental education sector through enhancing the participation of young generations, has spotted EDEN Center as a good partner to work with. 

Representatives of the school and our organization joined to organize this week of activity. Further on, Eden Center presented its work to a group of students through projects, campaigns and activities held in years. Based on our philosophy of work “Everything starts from myself!” we encouraged them to join it and take their actions.
The 5 day activity had his start on 20 of June, more than 12 students, age 13 – 15 joined it.  The first day was followed by discussion and ideas, pointing different topics concerning the environment, activities on everyday life that impact the environment and so on. 
And they chose to Act on, building a campaign against the overuse of plastic bags in the city of Tirana, giving alternative solutions through recycling/upcycling of existing materials. To continue, during the workshop they produced new bags, one using old plastic bags to make new ones more resistant and water proof, and others using old T-shirts, all materials designated to be thrown away. 
A spice of design didn’t miss this campaign.  
“Be the change you want to see in the world”, the slogan of their campaign was painted on the bags, made from old T-shirts.
Living in the digital area, they made videos and promoted them through QR codes, which were placed on different areas of the city to raise awareness for their action and the environment in general. Please follow the QR code, displayed in the article to discover more from this campaign, or watch out video 1:  and  video 2:
Service as action is an experience learning by doing. Service of action is where students learn how to be caring about the surroundings and the global community. By doing service of action, students demonstrate their own personal commitment and can make a difference in the field they chose to act on. 
We as Eden Center were very happy to collaborate with WAT and we support their philosophy of work, mentioned above. We believe that other collaborations will follow up in the near future. 
For more information you can visit the official web page: 
World Academy of Tirana