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Shadow Puppets workshop in EDEN Center

On Thursday 17th of November 2016 the "Shadow Puppets" workshop was organised in the office of EDEN Center. This workshop was presented by Andrea Caspari, a puppeteer and co-founder of Firefly Shadow Theater, living in the United States.

We were very enthusiastic to collaborate with Andrea and organize this workshop. We believed that the artistic process from creating characters – puppets -  to the final act of playing the story, is an interesting and creative tool to be used in the programs of environmental education in our organisation.
Volunteers of EDEN were invited to participate in this workshop. During the workshop the volunteers learned a little about the history of shadow puppets, learned how easy it was to make them, made some puppets and had a chance to experiment with them and tell an environmental story.

The aim of this workshop was to learn fun and useful techniques which can be used to represent different issues concerning the environment in a creative way.
All the materials, which were used to create the puppets, were recycled from the office or our every day use. Some of the materials used were: paints, wooden skewers, thick paper from old calendars, different stickers, white linen from home, plastic bags, bottles and much more. As we want to develop our skills in creating shadow puppets more, we will organise other workshops in the future.

So, stay tuned to get more news from us!

For more information you can visit us in our official webpage and the Facebook page for more photos.

You can find more information about Andrea Caspari here.

EDEN team