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Art auction for #GREYPRIDE campaign

Great news from the #GREYPRIDE campaign!

Luonto-Liitto (Finland) decided to organise an art auction fundraising event in benefit of the Finnish grey wolves instead of asking people to directly donate money to us.

We thought of the possibility of connecting the many artists who want to help the environment - but who don't have either the money or time to do it - and the art lovers that would not normally support nature conservation projects.

This way we were able to get the support of 22 professional Finnish artists who donated their artworks.

As our auctioneer we were very fortunate to have the collaboration of Mr. Sami Yaffa, who was the original bass player of the famous Finnish band Hanoi Rocks. We also got the help of the advertising agency ADAMS who designed the art catalog and event poster and a few printed publications who helped us in promoting the event.

The auction took place at Forum Box gallery in the center of Helsinki and we served vegan and organic food donated by the shop Ekolo. Of course we had the invaluable help of our team of committed volunteers in supporting us with all the practicalities.

The auction went very well and we were able to raise a bit more than 9.000 euros! It was six months of very hard work, but it was worth it. Now we have the funds to be able to continue helping the wolves.

We are very happy to share these news as they may be of help to other NGOs who are looking for ways to raise funds to continue doing their important work in protecting the environment. 

Here are some pictures of the event:

Francisco Sánchez Molina