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CCC Campaign - Young Researchers of Serbia, Serbia

One of the factors that influence climate change is deforestation. December is the time of cutting trees, since holiday season is coming and it's time for decorating Christmas trees. After they're used once they usually end up on a dump, and in rare cases they are planted in someone's garden.
Thus, in the spirit of Christmas and New Year's Eve, we decided to offer eco-friendly alternative: up-cycling Christmas trees and decorations.

We made the call to our followers on FB and YRS activist group and we created many interesting trees made of diverse materials: cardboards, plastic, textile, light bulbs, newspapers, wooden pallets, branches, cork for wine bottles, etc. The only condition for the material was that it has already been used!

Our main aim was to oppose local tree sellers and try to raise awareness about the topic, as well as to encourage creativity among our citizens (not to forget about having fun as well).

Few days before New Year's Eve we went to a green market and we were selling our up-cycling decorations for a symbolic price. More important, we were giving them as a gift to the local sellers and random visitors. Positive comments were coming: "I have never had such an interesting Christmas tree!" or "This tree made out of cork is amazing. How can I make it by myself?"