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AYCI team in YSU - International Day of Water Resources

On March 14 "Active Young Citizen Initiative" NGO team got invited to Yerevan State University by the Student Council of the Geography and Geology faculty to lead a training about "Protection of  Water Resources" devoted to the International Day of Water resources.

Before touching upon the course, AYCI vice-president Marine Yeghoyan briefly introduced the NGO’s activities, in particular, projects and initiatives related to ecology and the way young people can take part in them.

Afterwards, at the beginning of the course, Hayarpi Hakobyan and David Sargsyan, AYCI ecological projects coordinators, presented environmental projects of the UN, the history and the need of "International Water Day" celebration and global scale programmes as well. They discussed Water Resources Day’s annual topics emphasizing the topic of 2017 "Slops". 

They also referred to distribution of water resources universally, water supply rating of some countries and main spheres that use water, types of pollution and sources in Armenia and around the world showing the connection with other ecological issues.

The next part of the meeting was dedicated to the issues and main ways of protecting local and global water resources. Trainers presented activities public organisations do and can do, besides governmental programmes. They also mentioned what youth should do to protect water resources.

During the meeting AYCI "Eco generation" ecological project and the ways the students of the Geography and Geology faculty can join the project were presented as well.