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Nature Lovers Group - Luonto-Liitto (Finnish Nature League)

In an effort to raise awareness among international students, refugee and asylum seekers residing in Helsinki in particular and Finland in general, about nature and environmental issues in the country and beyond, Luonto-Liitto (The Finnish Nature League) is forming an international youth group – Nature Lovers Group to engage in this challenging but very important task. This group is an open platform for anyone between the age of 15-29, young(ish) and young-minded who is interested and would like to get involved in discussions, actions, and interactions and perform various activities related to environmental protection and nature conservation on a personal level. Nature Lovers Group is a platform for exchanging ideas, gathering different opinions and skills and implementing for productive outcomes. We also intend to carry out various activities related to environmental protection in various sectors.

As part of the launching of this group we are organising a Green Discussion event and inviting nature lovers throughout Helsinki and environs to join us to start a BIG change from a small talk on the BIG issue – our environment. The event, which is first of its kind, is intended to grab new idea from participants about environmental issues through short, engaging presentations/discussions from our team about environmental issues and how together we can find a common platform on finding some lasting solutions. To participate in the Green Discussion event and learn more about Nature Lovers Group, visit our Facebook and spread the word.

About Nature Lovers Group

Nature Lovers Group is a project of nature and environment that intends to partner with campuses and other international communities in Finland to encourage environmentally responsible behavioral patterns, in ways that will save energy, reduce waste and improve awareness on more environmental and sustainable lifestyle.

Contact Person: Sabina Khanal
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +358 408230001