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FÖJ blog - environmental youth in Germany

We are from "Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr (FÖJ)" in Germany, which means one voluntary gap year in an ecological way. Our association called "FÖJ-Aktiv e.V." is a member of YEE.  Me and my four colleagues represent all ecological volunteer possibilities in Germany and we also manage an online blog called There you can see many different perspectives from young people who want to participate for better ecological circumstances in Germany. Furthermore, we want to explain our democratic proceedings to inspire other people for democratic participation especially when it comes to our environment.

Two times a year all speakers who represent one of sixteen different federal states in Germany come together for a conference and discuss important ecological and political questions (for example the election of a new German government this year). There we organise demonstrations or activities: for example, "Flowers for Bees" - we went through the streets of big German cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Frankfurt to share seeds with citizens for free to motivate them to plant some seeds in their own garden or balcony.

If you are excited to see what we will do next or if you want to see some pictures of us and our activities you should really visit the blog:

Die FÖJ-Bundessprecher
Anna, Saskia, Jan-Henrik, Nathan und Aisha