Gutta-Club was "planting" Oxygen

On 11th April RC "Gutta-Club" planted the forest! Our activists from lyceums, colleges and universities from Chisinau gathered together after the classes to contribute to the environment, and, therefore, to the inhabitants of the city, not in words, but in deeds.

The campaign "Sadim Oxigen" (we plant oxygen) was organized by "AVI-Moldova" JSC with the support of "Kaufland" company and the promotion of several sectors of Chisinau.  

That day Gutta-Club was responsible for planting acacia trees in Chokana forest (the forest in one of the Chisinau sectors), were everyone worked very diligently, with all responsibility. We tried to dig as deep as possible so the root system of the seedlings could be safely hidden under the ground. All seedlings were carefully poured with water. It was tough to take the water because it was necessary to climb the hill - our people are not lazy at all, because hot days are coming!

We really hope that our seedlings will make air in our city better. Also, acacia strengthens steep slopes and protects soil from erosion, thus acacia is a real defense from landslides. And acacia is one of the bee-friendly trees (which honey is very delicious by the way).

We want people from our city to appreciate and protect our green friends, not to litter in the forest, not to break young trees. We also hope that more and more people will join environmental campaigns. Everyone can join us! Thus we all can show our great civic activity, contributing in planting of greenery and cleaning our city from garbage. If you want to see your city clean and beautiful - start with yourself. Its so easy to do great things!

We are thankful to everyone who took participation in this campaign from organisers who perfectly prepared everything to every kind person who did their best for planting 5 thousand seedlings. Thanks to those 1300 people 5 thousand seedlings were planted all over the city on this day. And thanks to those guys from "Gutta-Club", for whom planting trees on 11th April was the most important thing.