Eco Logic promotes cycling among children in Kochani, Republic of Macedonia

Eco Logic is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to protection and conservation of the environment, promotion of modern ecological practices, as well as monitoring and promoting the principle of sustainable development. Our organisation encourages and supports positive changes in the environment in forms of: promotion of the ecology as science, promotion of the concept of cleaner production, protection and conservation of the environment, distribution of environmental knowledge and upgrade of ecological education, promotion of the principle of sustainable development, creating new “green” jobs, trainings and involvement of all interested citizens in projects in the area of ecology and environmental protection and management.

As we primarily work for the kids, in May this year we organised the fourth “Velo rodeo” in Kochani, the city located in the East part of Republic of Macedonia.

Project “Velo Rodeo” presents an innovative way to promote cycling among children in elementary schools. Through a set of wooden home-made exercises the team of Eco Logic once again showed to the kids that cycling can be fun, healthy and also environmentally beneficial activity.

Traditionally, this competition took place in the yard of the elementary school “Rade Kratovche” on 25.05.2017 in Kochani, Republic of Macedonia.

This competition was organised two times in the capital city of Skopje and two times in Kochani. General idea of this event is to promote the bicycle as a transport means in the urban and rural areas, as well as a healthy and recreational activity.

These “Velo rodeos” are an overture to the first so called “Velo network of elementary schools” in the Republic of Macedonia.

However, by organizing this massive event, which was accompanied by laughter, joy, sport and of course sunny weather, we proved once more that we DO make some positive impact in the society!

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