Local action "Green Terrace for better Climate" by Young Researchers of Serbia

Young activists of Young Researchers of Serbia initiated local action “Green Terrace for better Climate”. We had the idea to green up our urban city a little bit and enrich living space of the tenants in one building of a brand new neighborhood in Belgrade.

Together with students of Landscape Architecture faculty, local flower farmers who donated diverse plants and tenants who bought lovely flowerpots, we have planted over 100 plants.

Greenery has positive effect on us and on the climate. The impact of plants in reducing temperature, especially in summer, as well as their ability of air filtration which reduces air pollution is widely known. Plants also have a role in reducing the solar radiation what makes living conditions in urban areas healthier. Due to all these positive effects, we want to promote this type of activity and return it to the culture of living like it used to be, when Belgrade’s terraces were full of green oases. 

This action was just the beginning and now we want to make it widespread! Join us!

Young Researchers of Serbia