Young Researchers of Serbia took part in the Danube and Sava River Days

June is a month of rivers. This June we celebrated the Danube and Sava River Days, two of the most important rivers in Europe, especially in the Balkans. Together with local and international partners we organised manifestations along the rivers.

Sava River Day

Our citizens had the opportunity to enjoy the nature and visit Great War Island which represents Belgrade’s heart. It is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers and keeps wild nature including rare and protected species. The focal point was the sixth meeting of the Youth Parliament of the Sava River Basin. The meeting was attended by 60 students and teachers from 9 secondary schools from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The schools have been selected on the basis of competition entitled "Climate change impact on the lives of the Sava River Basin". For this occasion we were invited to facilitate workshop "Changes by changes – what can young people change in decision making regarding climate changes". We suggest you to visit the webpage of the Youth Parliament and read optimistic conclusions and lovely ideas of the parliament for the future.

Danube River Day

"Save the Danube" is the name of this year’s manifestation organised along the coast of Danube. Main aim was to raise awareness about the conservation of this important river and make strong appeal for rational usage of water resources and their protection. We took photos of "the bravest ones" who wanted to share notes such as "Be active for the Danube", "We like art. We like Danube", "Future is in our hands. Danube is in our hands", "Danube could be cleaner", "We want Danube creatures to live in healthy water", etc.

Feel free to have a look on our Facebook Arhus center Novi Beograd and see this lovely photos and notes.

Young Researchers of Serbia