Umbrella - new YEE MO from Georgia


Umbrella is a newly established youth organisation the main priorities of which is to contribute to the solving the environmental issues in Georgia and beyond. The idea behind the establishing the new organisation was to show that environmental issues are compatible to any issues, like human rights, peace building etc. It is core issue that concerns and unites everyone.

Our mission

Our mission is to unite young people from diverse background through different educational and environmental activities for better world. We try to make a change through youth initiatives by developing young people’s competence in the field of civil society, human rights and environment. We put the theme of environmental issues in each and every activity we run, in case if it does not concern to the environment directly. For example recently we implemented project related to cultural exchange and during the project we organised the tree planting event and bound it to the friendship of young people from different background.


About members

Our team consists of young enthusiastic environmentalists and youth workers. Some of them have significant background in youth work and some are just young people that are interested in making positive changes.

Future plans

Soon we will launch our new informational campaign concerning the issue of burning leaves. We have won a grant for the animation that would show the negative impact of burning leaves. Also, within the scope of the project we are going to hold a meeting in various educational organisations and campaign through social media. As a new member of the big YEE family we will be active and will do our best to meet all requirements and accomplish responsibilities that is set.