PA&MC NGO - new YEE MO from Armenia

"Public Awareness and Monitoring Centre" is a non-governmental organisation, established in February 2016, Armenia.

The founders have broad experience in the field of environmental protection, as representatives of the Armenian public environmental information Aarhus Centres, eco-reporters.

Our mission is to combine the efforts of all those individuals and organisations who are interested in the investment of their skills and capabilities in order to support to the solution of problems, raise the legal awareness of citizens on the state of environment and to live in a healthy environment, to perform moral, psychological, vocational assistance to citizens, legal persons to be informed and participate in decision-making processes in realization and protection of their rights, to promote dissemination of environmental knowledge and enhancing the ecological culture of the population, especially among youth and women.


Our activities are also directed to promote formation of practice of proper public participation in important decision-making process regarding environment, to carry out public environmental monitoring, identifying and analyzing problems, shortfalls of legislation aimed at solving problems related to environmental monitoring and protection contribute to ensuring the rational use of natural resources and environment.

In a short period of time we organised various public events aimed at environmental monitoring, detection of negative impact problems on human health and raising public awareness.

The organisation founders over the years has ensured the activity of website and the AarhusTV of the Armenian Aarhus Centres. Currently all the work of the website of the organisation voluntarily assumed, as it is an essential resource for the dissemination of information and submission of independent experts on environmental issues.


"Public Awareness and Monitoring Centre" NGO has also youth group, which is actively involved in information dissemination activities among students and pupils. The group regularly organises environmental events; seminars, Round-table discussions, capacity building trainings, etc.

We are a member of different communities: Public Organisations Council under RA Minister of Nature Protection, Yerevan Aarhus Center Board Expert on Environmental information, the III Group of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Armenian National Platform.

For more information please visit our Facebook page: or website.