New educative center “ZABEC” - new project of Eco-Logic

We are proud to announce that our new educative center “ZABEC” officially start its work on 1st of November this year!

“ZABEC” is the first and only educative center for children in Macedonia that aims to promote the subjects of ecology and environmental protection. Through these themes the kids are expected to learn about many other real and modern topics and situations in which the kids will be main actors. This should result in positive change at any given matter from the normal everyday life.

Our educative center targets the kids aged between 6 and 12 years. Through the broad spectrum of offered activities we want to achieve our social mission – to improve and promote different social issues and challenges. Included among these activities are: topics that are not covered by the regular school classes but however are very important for the kid’s moral, social, physical and ecological development. Also, 33% from the profit will be allocated for educational activities for children from vulnerable social category.

“ZABEC” offers very exciting activities for kids such as sports, social skills workshops, ecology workshops, healthy lifestyle, yoga, arts and excursions, just to mention a few.

So, we can’t wait to start! Thumbs up!

Eco–Logic (Skopje, Republic of Macedonia)