Because walking is beautiful!

For several years in EDEN centre we had the tradition to join common initiatives or to start environmental actions that take place during the European Mobility Week (16-22 September 2017).
This action was held under the theme "A clean, shared and intelligent mobility" followed by the slogan "Sharing gets you further".

We have been attracted from this theme, which goes in the same direction and with the principles that EDEN pursues in its activities. Therefore, we decided to promote a peaceful march. In collaboration with other environmental organisations, we decided to focus on citizens of Tirana who want to walk and encourage others to walk. Participants had the possibility to understand the importance of walking for their health and how this affects the protection of the environment.

As a citizen, I want and I have the right to walk, but a question arises: where do I go? The sidewalk would of course be the logical answer. YES, but sidewalks are missing in some areas of Tirana and some are so narrow. Sometimes it is hard to walk on sidewalks because cyclists occupy them. In the light of such a situation, with a metropolis that is always expanding but with lack of sidewalks and cycle lanes, we decided to look for sidewalks and ask: do we have enough sidewalks?

On 22nd of September, the staff of EDEN Center, members of other NGOs and members of general public joined a peaceful march to promote walking activity. With a well-defined itinerary, a group of people united for this environmental action, we walked in Tirana in areas where sidewalks are missing, but also in those places where sidewalks are in good condition.

This march aimed to underline the need of sidewalks and the lack of road signs for pedestrian areas. The activity sparked the attention of many citizens, who marched with their t-shirts with the message: "I want my sidewalk" and with other banners. It was an initiative that was embraced and appreciated by every citizen, because it represented a common cause and a claim of a citizen's right; what is common invites us all to promote a safe and sustainable way of living, in an aware community that protects the environment. Because the environment belongs to us all; because walking is beautiful!

EDEN Centre team