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Youth exchange Action Re-loaded on the island of Murter

From 11th till 20th of May, Murter hosted 35 young people who shared ideas and knowledges about the benefits of recycling, the best methods of collecting and sorting waste and various project ideas. Young people from Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Croatia participated in various non-formal workshops for youth “Action Re-loaded” organized by the Argonauta association.

Through informal workshops, participants could hear how our planet feels and about the increasing amounts of pollution that we drop into our atmosphere, soil and water. The term “sustainable development” has taken on a completely new meaning when participants had to allocate resources to survive in three rounds of a game. Theoretical knowledge of recycling became clear when participants found themselves surrounded by large bunches of plastic bottles, cans, old cars, containers etc. Participants visited the recycled yard Bikarac where they found out how to collect and sort waste in Sibenik (Croatia).

At the near Waste Landfill with headquarters, they could see where waste from all over one region in Croatia is being sorted out. Creating some games for
children on topic 3R, proved how efficient it is learning through practice. Participants have developed their creativity, presentation and teamwork skills.

Throughout the project, young people experienced various activities during which they needed to figure out a solution and learn about mutual respect, acceptance of different opinions, customs and traditions. Participants also presented a sustainable way of life to the local population by offering them bags made of old shirts. Local people and kids god the inputs about environmental protection and we surly hope they will follow them in daily life.

Watch the video to know everything about “Action Re-loaded” or, if you were there, to remember those moments!