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The forest-theatre group Korpiryhmä performs SUSI

In May 2017 the performance of SUSI (wolf in Finnish) by the experimental forest-theatre group Korpiryhmä was premiered in the Finnish countryside. Now it has finally arrived to Helsinki. Arranged in co-operation with The Wolf Action Group and the nature protection club of the beautiful island of Vartiosaari.

SUSI (WOLF) is a one-performer's bodily struggle of being misunderstood and about the prejudice towards wolves. Wolves are protected by the EU-directives but the governmental machine continues to grant killing permissions to hunters. The human-wolf conflict is being "managed" with weapons. Why are people afraid of the existence of wolves? Is this fear only a social conditioning that has been implanted in us? SUSI takes you to the parallel world of the body, into the most vulnerable circle of an animal.

"My connection to my intuitive intelligence has become better and my body
recognizes its desires better than me. My body has more wisdom than me. And may that me be whatever. What part of me dies when the wolf dies? My territory is wide, wide is my soul, wide is my loneliness." 

On stage: Hannele Turunen
Director: Essi Kosola
Video art and photography: Mikko Kelloniemi
Costume and space design: Reima Hirvonen
Sound and music design: Essi Kosola, Hannele Turunen, Matti Pajulahti

The duration is 50 minutes. 
Location: Barn of Vartiosaari.

A short video review of the performance will be coming soon.