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A short presentation of Natuur 2000

Vlaamse Jeugdbond voor Natuurstudie en Milieubehoud (Flemish Youth League for the Study of Nature and for Environmental Conservation)
Founded 29.04.1967.
Some 250 members.
Member of IYF (International Youth Federation for Environmental Studies and Conservation) 1969.
Founding Member of YEE at Solentunaholm, the Fältbiologerna Secretariat in Sweden.
During the years several members of N2000 were elected as chairman, treasurer, regional officer of IYF or YEE.


1) Natuur 2000
Mainly nature excursions and weekends, environmental actions.
We recently joined for instance a Belgian-Dutch coalition promoting the reprocessing of packaging and the introduction of deposit money on single use cans and plastic bottles in Flanders.
In the past we had actions for biodiversity, against the 7 nuclear plants some politicians want to keep open in Belgium, against the illegal import of tropical timber via the port of Antwerp, Earth Day actions, etc.
We also are supporting the activities of Greenpeace, the Belgian branch of which organisation we launched from our Antwerp secretariat in the early 1980's... And of Traffic Belgium (wildlife trade monitoring) on the trade in endangered species of animals and plants : Belgium has for a long time been a turntable for this trade.

2) Milieu-Infocentrum voor Jongeren  (Environmental Info Centre for Young People, since 1973)
Providing specialised documentation (books, magazines, reports) on all kind of nature and environment issues : for students, teachers, youth leaders.

3) Natuurcentrum Fort Oelegem (Nature & bat hibernation reserve Fort Oelegem, since 1984)
National monument, built to protect Antwerp in the years before Wordl War 1.
Today the most important bat hibernation site in Flanders (ca.1300 bats, 10 species).
During summe, when the bats have left, we open the location for the public: nature conservation education, bat nights etc.