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"I Am On Energy Saving Mode" campaign by EDEN Center

The watchdogging network of environmental NGOs “An eye to the environment” from 4-8 June 2018 “EU Sustainable Energy Week” launched the informative and awareness raising campaign on the moto “I Am On Energy saving Mode”. The campaign targeted students from elementary to Universities and further the youths of political parties. The aim was to present the report prepared from the watchdogging network “Evaluation of energy performance of buildings from the perspective of energy poverty", and each of the target group will be inspired in developing their own messages on the campaign’s moto in regards to Energy Efficiency.

The format chosen for organizing the campaign was through meetings and class group discussions. The ways of messages developed were diverse: written messages on clipboard; videos; maket of the wished energy efficiency house, city and school; study visits.
The activities aimed to attract the attention of general public and politicians in this way role plays were organized. The students put themselves in the positions of a Mayor, of a minister, or of another familiar in their families etc. In each of the position they shared the messages for Energy efficiency as per the position taking in to consideration a sustainable development and clean transition of Energy.  

The campaign gathered together more than 500 people from:
- 13 high schools 
- 2 elementary schools 
- 1 university  
- 2 youth political forums of the two main parties in Albania.

Interesting in the campaign I am On Energy Saving Mode, was that the topics of energy, and energy efficiency were familiar to them and they were positive in approaching new modes as providing and consuming energy. The Youth are very sensitive to the topic and the Sustainable Development is important in their understanding and dealing with the topic. More initiatives are needed for developing not only the understanding but in directly influencing in behaviors.  

Some of the messages written and transmitted from the students for “EU Sustainable Energy Week” are:

  • Use solar panels to heat instead of electrical resistance
  • Who is not saving energy should be fined (The role play as Minister of Energy)
  • Who is saving should be rewarded  (The role play as Minister of Energy)
  • Should be invested at the building’s facade to increase the isolation
  • An alternative way to heat the school premises is from biomass
  • Donation for photovoltaic panels for the vulnerable families  (The role plat as Mayor)
  • Think for a sustainable development at the living and working premises
  • Be active at the decision making processes that improve the energy efficiency of buildings
  • Save your planet by saving your pocket
  • Should be run awareness raining campaigns for citizens in regards to energy efficiency (The role Play as mayor)
  • 20% decrease of energy price for vulnerable families (The role Play as mayor)

The Investment in clean energy is an investment for the future!

The photos and videos of this campaign can be seen through the Facebook page of the network:
Photos: #IAmOnEnergySavingMode  
Videos: #IAmOnEnergySavingMode 

The organizations part of the watchdogging network “An eye for the Environment”:

This informative and raising awareness campaign is developed under the project “Together an eye for the environment”, financially supported by Swedish Embassy in Albania, in the framework of the Support for Civil Society Organizations in Albania Program (SENIOR II) implemented by the Regional Environmental Centre (REC) in Albania.