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Get to know JNM Belgium!

JNM stands for Jeugdbond voor Natuur en Milieu, roughly translated as Youth Association for Nature and Environment. It’s an organisation for young people from the age of 7 to 26 in Flanders and Brussels, who have a curiosity for nature and care about the environment. In their local divisions they organise activities for children, like other youth movements in Belgium, but with the difference that they focus on nature and learn about the environment and sustainability. They try to be the living example by making their activities as environmentally-friendly as possible, and pass that vision on to their members.

While the younger members have fun and learn everything they can about nature, the older members can be part of the organisation in even more ways. Some become leaders for the younger groups, others join groups who focus on studying nature, photography, nature management or environmental action and informal education.

JNM is one of the founding organisations of YEE and you can see some similarities in the structure of the organisation. In JNM, everything is decided by all the members. They come together a few times a year and vote on the operations of JNM, like YEE does during the annual meeting. Each member at the meeting has exactly the same vote. That way their strategy reflects our members thoughts in the best way possible.

Although they are primarily based in Belgium, many of their members may want to look further than the Belgian borders to take action for the world we live in. They try to tell our members about what YEE has to offer in learning opportunities and partnerships, so that together we can take our actions to a higher level and work together internationally.

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