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Ecoclubes going for the water cooperation year!

2013 international year of water cooperation smallA new year has arrived and brought with it a big challenge to everyone: cooperate for the water!
Such a big issue like this could not be ignored by the Ecoclubes network in Portugal, so we took the challenge and decided to focus our main actions on this topic during the following months. Not that we haven't been giving some of our atention to this so important resource on our past initiatives, by the contrary, many of the Ecoclubes work on the subject of water and rivers protection since the begining and one of the most important of our national initiatives every year is closely related to it.

But starting from this year and probably extending at least till the next one, we're planning to implement specific projects to take action ourselves, activate our communities and give our contribution to a new global mindset on the way how we use and protect the water resources and ecosystems.DSC 3857b
For the 29th and 30th of June we will have our 7th edition of the event "Rafts in the River Douro – Environmental Manif" and this will be, once again, a moment for showing in a very entertainable but responsable way, that our rivers are a wonderfull, crucial and so many times neglected natural heritage.
The society takes for granted the eternal existance of suitable water which fullfils our imense necessity for it and consequently keeps polluting, destroying and wasting worldwide reserves and ecosystems, without stopping for realizing that we are running towards the edge...
With initiatives like this one before, we try to warn people locally, hoping to change perspectives and daily actions, or at least to force a moment of reflection about this urgent issues in as many people as we can achieve.
On the international level, closely integrated within the YEE network and some of its members, we've launched the campaign "Follow the Rivers", which hopefully if some finanсial suport will be aproved, will be focused on 3 main objectives: monitorize the quality of some small rivers around Europe; re-connect the local communities, specially youth, with their local rivers, turning them into water-caretakers; exchange good practices between partner organizations of the project, on the issues related to water resources and ecosystems conservation.

So, if your eager to cooperate for water too, join us and many other millions of people around the globe, tracing from this year on a water flow through sustainability on Earth!!!

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