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World Tanabata Action 2013

india 2008Young Researchers of Serbia and YEE invite you to join World Tanabata Action (WTA) 2013!
It is global action to prevent climate change by planting trees and writing "my action" on Tanzaku papers. The aim of this action is to decrease green gas emission and raise awareness for climate change among people. So far 822,831 trees were planted and 15,882 Tanzaku papers were collected which were exhibited at the G8 Summit, UNESCO and its international conferences all over the world. By planting trees during work camp projects, training courses, seminars, festivals or other events you can compensate coming participants by plane, car or bus. The Tanzaku papers collected all over the world will be present at special work camp in Japan to made Tanzaku Art, as well as at some international events such as General Assembly of ALLIANCE in Europe, General Assembly of NDVA in Asia, UNESCO Head Quarters in Paris...ect. This project is cooperated by CCIVS, NVDA, NICE , CONCORDIA (France) and if you want to support them visit or just plant some tree and made the difference! Hurry! It is time for action!

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Tijana Ljubenovic
Young Researchers of Serbia