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Earth Hour with Gutta-Club

gutta8Earth Hour – international action which at the end of March unites millions of people for saving our Planet. The action purpose is to draw attention of all world community to the problem of wasteful use of resources and global climate change, to take the first step on reduction of "the ecological trace".
In the Republic of Moldova the global international action "Earth Hour" is carried out since 2008 under the auspices of the Ministry of environment of the Republic of Moldova, public organizations Salva Eco and RCCY Gutta-Club, and also the Gas Natural Fenosa in Moldova enterprise.
The RCCY Gutta-Club main target groups are children and the youth, so forms and methods have to be attractive to youth generation.

gutta3For this purpose to attract youth to environment problems, to summon up for participation at the action, Gutta-Club's activists created a short video about possibilities of spending the action Earth Hour in a useful and cheerful way and of course without electric power use. The roller was started in the Internet through YouTube and other popular social networks, such as facebook, odnoklassniki, vkontakte etc.

RCCY Gutta-Club together with Gas Natural Fenosa in Moldova printed posters "Dare the World to Save the Planet" (official version made by WWF for the campaign "Create your Challenge") and "The energy saving house". Posters were hanged out in classrooms, in corridors of schools, encouraging pupils to make a contribution for the future of the Planet.

RCCY Gutta-Club's activists prepared a video-presentation "Earth Hour: the future of the Planet is in your hands!", which was presented in 40 educational institutions of the Republic by numerous activists of the organization. There was also carried out a competition of drawings for the younger classes "What can we do for our Planet?" and after the action - essay competition on a subject "How I spent Earth Hour?" for children and youth. Thanks to wide spreading of the information hundreds of young citizens in different corners of Moldova learned about the Action and about problems of irrational use of resources, the climate changes and possible ways of recovery from the crisis.

This year RCCY Gutta-Club in cooperation with the Ministry of Ecology of Moldova organized competition on the best eco flashmob devoted to Earth Hour Action. The "Litterarum" lyceum from Chisinau became the winner of the competition. The video with instructions was shared on social networks and on the action day children danced on the Grand National Assembly area in support of the Earth Hour.

gutta4Within the actions of the "Hour of Earth-2013" a group of students of Republican Choreographic college  went on an excursion to the Gas Natural Fenosa in Moldova enterprise.

RCCY Gutta-Club has been carrying out bike actions with a purpose to attract people's attention to a world event for three years already – Earth Hour, to the problems of an inefficient resources consumption, and to such ecological transport, as the bicycle. This year we decided to carry out "Bikeglowwormers" bright night flash mob, having supported the initiative of the Russian organization "Rusvelos".

Several actions were organised in the centre of the city on Action day: competition of children's drawings on the other side of posters  Energy saving House, volunteers of Gutta-Club wrote ecological advice on asphalt, a flash mob and the concert program. Participants of the action lit candles in the form of an inscription "60+ Moldova".gutta5

But the Hour period on which the whole world turns the light off is just the first part of the action. The "Earth Hour" supports long-term actions on reduction of "the ecological trace" of humankind, organized by different companies, governments and the nations – as in day of carrying out the "Earth Hour" action, as for the all next year.

Therefore this year activists of RCCY "Gutta-Club" decided to support the international Action "Earth Day" and for the first time organize a number of actions in Moldova devoted to the event. This year the international organizers of the Earth Day decided to place emphasis on the climate change. Therefore in order to attract and interest the society to the problem of the climate change and its impact on the environment and humankind activists of RCCY "Gutta-Club" organized the flash mob "Global Warming is a Global Killer" which has taken place on 17th of April on the territory of maternity hospital. Because of climate change 150 000 people die annually. In group of risk mostly are women and children. Climate change is a global killer, which changes our future and the future of our children.
The participants urged people to think of what humans had made and continue to do with our Planet, urged to work and change the world to the best! There are going to be new flash mobs, collection of garbage, master classes of reusing things, competitions and fairy tales. About all this events we'll write in the next newsletter.

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