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Campaign against plastic bags

Plastic bags TiranaAs we all know, plastic bags harm our environment. In our country – Georgia, people do not really understand how big and serious problems can be caused by comfortable and colorful bags. We decided to organize a symbolic performance against plastic bags.Our target group was a children, that is why this performance was held in one of Tbilisi public schools. In order to make our performance more relevant we created a scarecrow from plastic bags collected in the streets.

Plastic bags Tirana 2

During creation, we spoke with children about the importance of care for the environment and explained them what damage is generated by plastic bags found on the ground, in the forests, lakes, seas and oceans. After that, children received the following task: to show by means of a painting, how they had understood and realized all the problems that can be caused by plastic bags. In the end, there was a small concert. Since our campaign aim was to raise children's awarenessand to lower everyday usage of plastic bags, we distributed about 1000 pasteboard bags and gave them to the children.Finally, we should admit, it was just the beginning, since more needs to be done!

 SAEM, Georgia