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Youth Future Conference 2013

for articleDo you want create a sustainable world and support a right livelihood?
Do you want to meet active young people from all over Europe?
Do you want to work on an eye-to-eye basis with Laureates of the Alternative Nobel Prize and the German Environmental Prize?
What is it about?
Join Youth Future Conference 2013!

This autumn 100 young people from all over Europe meet in Bonn to discuss the most urgent environmental topics together with amazing Laureates and speakers from the Right Livelihood Award, the German Environmental Foundation and many more on an eye-to-eye level. We take the four dimensions of sustainability (economic, ecological, political and social as well as cultural) as the framework that will build the structure for the conference´s week.
There will be a variety of workshops on different topics you can choose from. Each day we will have workshop sessions, regarding the issue of the workshop within one dimension of sustainability and also open space, which is your time to connect, share ideas and initialize projects. Out of all newly formed projects there will be some elected that are going to receive financial support. Together we will search for solutions and ideas, which include every aspect of sustainability and build the basis for you to get active in your own country.
The conference is organized by the Youth Future Project, the youth network of the Right Livelihood Foundation (also known as "Alternative Nobelprize").

Sunday, 1st September – Saturday, 7th September 2013

International Youth Hostel, Bonn, Germany

Active, young people from all over Europe who want to create a sustainable future. Aged 18-28.

How to apply?
Check out our website and fill in the application form.
For more information, please, contact our homepage:
Tell your friends and spread the word so we can make this conference a platform for future visions. For young people, from young people.
If you are an organisation and interested in a partnership connection please contact us.

Frances Moore Lappé (Laureate of the Right Livelihood Award in 1987): "Hope is not what we find in evidence, it's what we become in action."

See you in Bonn. The Team of the Youth Future Conference is looking forward to welcome you in September 2013!